Dakota sail flag 370 cm

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The Dakota is an extremely eye-catching indoor event flag for your indoor activities. This striking flag “stands out” to say the least. Its unusual shape means it catches attention immediately. Its rectangular flag area allows you to spread your message right across the screen. Use Dakota for your trade fair, events or for your promotions or branding campaigns. Of course you can also use it in your shop, waiting room or showroom. It’s guaranteed to be a success!

The Dakota is a lovely event flag that surprises people because of it unusual shape. You do not see this type of horizontal arm very often at an indoor event, which means that it stands out even more. The great advantage of this type of flag is its generous flag area which means that your message or logo is extremely visible. It has ample width which lets you highlight your message in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The Dakota is also extremely easy to transport. The pole (not including the base) weighs a maximum of 2.5 kg. The flag and the pole are packed together in a robust carrying case and/or in a cardboard box.

Are you working alone? It’s a breeze to set up these windchaser flags on your own. Click the various segments together, slide the flag over the pole, hook up the screen and fit the pole to the base. You’ll be ready in no more than 3 minutes.



Both the pole and the horizontal arm of the flag are made from anodised aluminium tubing. Wollux also chooses top-quality materials for the fabric. The flag is made from 100% polyester and is finished with a reinforced open tunnel hem.


  • Dakota 150x60 (total high incl. pole 225)
  • Dakota 260x85 (total high incl. pole 350)
  • Dakota 370x85 (total high incl. pole 460)

More info about accessories


Pole+ bag

Pole + bag + pico (ground spike)

Pole + bag + helico (cross base) + lesto (weight to be filled with water)


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